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That's what they say about us

Here you will find information, links and downloads on media reports, video contributions and interviews with and about us.

The German Foundation for Marine Protection reports on our island garbage disposal, which we launched in April 2021. Many thanks to the Marine Protection Foundation for supporting this project!

Sep 2021, German

In the "Oberberg personal" series, the Oberbergische Volkszeitung reports on our founding member Guido Weissenfeld and the Banda Islands.

Jul 2021, German

In Peter Hall's Pristine Ocean Podcast, Mareike Huhn reports on the beginning, progress and current status of our garbage project on the Banda Islands.

Feb 2021, English

André Baumeister talks to Mareike Huhn about the Banda Islands: marine biology, nutmeg and environmental protection.

Feb 2021, German

Article about our garbage project on the Banda Islands in picture of the woman.

Jul 2020, German

Galileo reports on the construction and commissioning of our pyrolysis plant for the production of diesel and gasoline from plastic waste.

Jan 2020, German

Short video about the success of our garbage project on the Banda Islands

Sep 2020, German

Information on marine biology and educational projects on the Banda Islands on the website of the Career Center of the University of Würzburg.

Jun 2018

Mareike Huhn about our projects as a guest with Bettina Tietjen and Alexander Bommes on the NDR talk show.

Aug 2018, German

Live with Steffen Hallaschka on Stern TV: Interview on the subject of plastic pollution in the world's oceans.

Jun 2018, German

Joachim Rienhardt reports in detail about our work on the Banda Islands: from garbage collection to environmental education. Full online version of the article on the Stern Foundation's website here .

April 2018, German

Information on plastic and its impact on oceans and marine organisms. Example of our project as a "Best Practice" project.

2016, German

Memo Media reports on the Banda Islands and encourages us to collect donations for us (then Marine Conservation South East Asia eV).

Dec 2016, German

Position name of Dr. Mark Lenz (Geomar, Kiel) on Boyan Slat's World Ocean Cleanup. Dr. Lenz presents our approach as the much more sensible one.

Oct 2015, German 

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