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A successful start: coral larvae growing up

Our predictions were correct and we were able to observe coral spawning on Sunday and Monday. Rifaldi and Farista skimmed thousands of eggs from the water surface and then washed them several times with previously filtered seawater. The eggs, thus cleaned of plankton, microbes and bacteria, were placed in tanks prepared with seawater that had also been filtered. Temperature and salinity were checked by the students. Sufficient aeration (but not too much turbulence) is provided by a small aeration pump. Today, 4 days later, we could observe free swimming planula larvae. Tomorrow the larvae will be released into their new home.

From left to right: coral spawning; Rifaldi and Farista on boat collecting eggs; container for washing eggs; coral eggs in container; Emil releasing washed eggs into seawater tanks; coral larva under magnifying glass.

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