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Advanced training to become an EcoDiver

In a collaboration project by Luminocean, Dive Bluemotion Banda & BandaSEA, university students were able to apply for further training in diving. After successful participation, the "EcoDiver" license will be issued.

As part of this training, the participants learn how to survey reefs independently: they will apply newly learned theories in practice and be able to make a major contribution to monitoring and controlling the health of coral reefs.

18 students applied for the 9 continuing education positions. The selection process started this Wednesday: The students submersed together with the BandaSEA founder Dr. Mareike Huhn and the Bandanese Dive Guides Adam and Emil (who once themselves received dive training from Bluemotion). The previous diving skills were checked and evaluated. Above all, perfect buoyancy played a major role. This ability is particularly important for reef checks, because the reefs should never be accidentally touched or damaged during the survey.


Through this project, locals are educated and can protect their unique homeland. At the same time, they receive an internationally recognized license.

Some of the 18 participants were trained as Open Water Divers last year with the help of bandaSEA.

all photos taken by Lilli
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